Friday, February 9, 2018

The Moody Blues Live!

A couple of weeks ago, I got to experience one of the most fulfilling Bucket List type of experiences in my life. I got to see The Moody Blues live in concert with the man who introduced me to them when I was a tiny tot: my dad!

I have memories of sitting in front of Dad's stereo system in his "record room" and listening to albums on both vinyl and CD. I remember getting lost in the album cover art while being mentally transported into another dimension by the Moody Blues' beautiful and mysterious tunes.

Some of Dad's vinyl Moody Blues albums

The venue was the Toyota Music Factory in Irving, which is a newer venue and one I've never been to before.

When parking, I like to take pictures to remember where we are in the parking garage. I've had nightmare experiences where I've forgotten where I parked and had to wander around for hours before finally finding my car! So on the night of the concert, I had Dad pose for this pic to remind me what floor we were on.

Before the concert began, there was a sad but fitting tribute to Ray Thomas, one of the band members who just passed away. They had pictures of him behind candles and played some of his recorded songs such as "Melancholy Man."

Once the concert started, it was such a treat! It was like finally getting to see family in person for the first time. Having grown up my whole life with this music, it felt like home to me getting to experience it live.

They played so many of their well-known and loved hits. The audience was great, so laid back and fun, and we all knew the songs and sang along.. After the intermission, there was more tribute to Ray Thomas, as well as an announcement that the second half of the program would be dedicated to him. Then they commenced to play the entire Days of Future Passed album - an album that just saw its 50th anniversary! When Justin sang "Nights in White Satin," it was perfect - still hitting those notes with accuracy and feeling. The audience cheered and cheered.

If you have never heard this album, I highly recommend you listen to it. And if you have heard it, listen to it again. It is a masterpiece.

The Moody Blues have been an inspiration for my imagination like no other band. I don't think there will ever be another band like them, and there doesn't need to be. They are one of a kind, something very special. It was truly a blessing to get to experience this concert, especially with my dad. 

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