Thursday, January 28, 2016

My First Official City Complaint!

Today I sent my first ever official complaint to a city, and if you're curious, you can check out what I said below. It's about the fracking plant near our house.

They probably won't do anything based on my complaint alone, but hey, I tried. And I might even be mad enough to try other things, like maybe even petitions. We'll see!


"I'm writing to complain about the fracking plant that is on [_____] We moved to this location almost 3 years ago and haven't had an issue until now. Over the last couple of months, there is a distinct smell of gas in the mornings when I go outside onto my porch. I can only imagine this smell is from the plant, and it's also gotten extremely loud. You can hear the industrial noise of it constantly, even from inside the house. But let's get back to that smell. The fact that I can smell that nasty, egg-like gas smell a block over from where the plant is can't be good. That stuff's clearly getting in the air we breathe. I'm not even sure why we need to drill at this point, given that we have a surplus of gas, and there are so many more options for clean energy. I've seen documentaries about the areas around fracking plants and how that stuff gets into the ground and the water and pollutes it, and some places can even light their tap water on fire! People and animals drink the water and their hair falls out. Not to mention all of the earthquakes, which are very much linked to fracking. I hate those things. They are unnecessary. There's all sorts of clean energy out there we can use to replace it with. But my complaint, as it stands, is that breathing in that gas on a daily basis cannot be good for locals' health. So there's my complaint.

- Carrie Sullivan"


  1. I wish you luck on that letter. Sometimes companies won't do a thing. But if you do get a petition and a little pushy, things can be done. I wish you luck.

    I live by (several miles away) from a sugar beet factory. At times the smell traveled a long distant away (with the direction of the wind) But do to lots of complaints, they did something to the big machines and the smell isn't as bad. Still bad, but not as often.

    1. I was thinking of doing a petition if it continues and/or gets worse! At least your sugar beet factory made some changes to at least try and make things better!