Friday, April 3, 2015

RIP Bear

My friend Lainie is putting her horse, Bear, to sleep today because he's going into kidney failure. Lainie had bear for nearly 39 years! Isn't that incredible?

Bear has lived a long, happy life.

But like many of us who grow close to our animal friends, Lainie will be heartbroken for a while... They're both in my thoughts and in my heart this weekend.

Animals are truly wonderful companions. Even though they don't speak our language, they speak the universal language of Love. I believe they have thoughts and feelings just like we do, only they aren't so concerned with worry and obsession like humans. Animals live in the moment and are authentic beings. I also believe they have souls. They can teach us so much about friendship, compassion, sacrifice... I can't imagine a world without animals, especially life-long friends like Bear.

And so this post is dedicated to Bear, the horse who lived a very long, happy life and provided the blessing of friendship to a loving human being for many years.

RIP Bear.

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