Sunday, March 29, 2015

More Alike than Different

Yesterday, Drew and I stopped at Panera Bread to have an afternoon snack, when Drew made a new little friend. We were sitting by the window wall, and this kid, maybe 7 years old and sitting on the other side of the window (he was out on the patio), knocked on the glass to get Drew's attention.

The kid pointed at his own black and white Converse shoes and then at Drew's. When Drew realized they were wearing the same shoes, he smiled and laughed, and the kid gave a thumbs up and did a little dance. Drew returned the thumbs up.

After that, the kid made reference to his own long hair and then pointed at Drew's. More thumbs ups, smiles, and dancing.

Following that similarity, the kid pointed at his cargo shorts and then at Drew's. They were practically twins! It was so adorable.

I thought this moment was really neat, and here's why: this young person chose to see the similarities between him and Drew, rather than the differences. He saw the two of them as more alike than different.

Even though he was a kid and Drew was a grownup.

Even though his skin was black and Drew's white.

Even though his hair was in ebony dreadlocks and Drew's wavy and blond.

It was a sweet moment that I wish the rest of the world could have seen.


  1. People are people, no matter how small, or what color. This is what makes life, living it for every moment, such a great thing!