Thursday, March 5, 2015

Comic Book Movie Era

This is a really cool post about all the superhero/comic book movies slated to come out within the next few years: Upcoming Superhero Movies - 2015 & Beyond.

As I read, it reminded me of how much I love sci-fi/fantasy and got my creative gears churning.

I'm busy with grad school right now, on the downhill slide and set for graduation in December. I will be picking up a small grammar/writing class after Spring Break - thank God for employment!! - so there's not a massive amount of time to write. But I have still been reading.

I want to read more graphic novels. Years ago, I started reading the series Preacher and the series Transmetropolitan, both of which I'd like to pick back up and finish. I'm also down for trying out some new speculative fiction novels, too, if you have any recommendations.

Feel free to comment!


  1. The Sandman Omnibus Vol. 1 & 2 are pricey, but have some amazing concepts to explore.

    And I checked out the list, and quite a few of those movies are going to be sweet, while I would question the sanity of one, or two. Check out your local library for their graphic novel titles. I bet you'll be amazed at the selection!

    Let me know what you find!