Friday, February 13, 2015

Consider Donating to my Friend's GoFundMe for her Dying Mother

Many of you know Misty from my posts--she's been a friend of mine for such a long time that I consider her family. Her mother, Winnie, has not been in good health for a while, but it appears as if she may be leaving us soon. The funeral costs are of course astronomical. Most importantly, there's a certain amount that has to be paid up front in order for the plot to be dug up. The family's in real need of some financial help so that this funeral can even take place. If you would, take a moment to read the details and consider Misty's GoFundMe -->here<--.


  1. Thank you so much Carrie. My mom has always considered you as part of our family...her good daughter lol. That's what she calls you

    1. Her "good" daughter? Oh, if she only knew!! ;)