Thursday, January 29, 2015


Since I first posted about MyFitnessPal, I am happy to say that I've reached my goal weight!

Part of the reason I've reached it so quickly is because I'd been cursed with a month-long bladder/kidney infection that pretty much scared me away from all alcohol and sugar. So even on my "cheat day" I was eating pretty healthy. Counting calories really works, y'all. You have no idea how much of what you're putting into your body until you start counting calories, and it also helps being aware of how many cal's you burn when doing certain exercises. So now that my first goal weight has been reached, I'm going to shoot for that *extra* 5 lbs since I now have the confidence I can do it!

In other news, school's started back, and I'm enjoying my semester. It's my second-to-last semester in the TESOL master's program at my university, and I can't believe the first year went by so quickly. There's plenty of work to do this semester, but it's all interesting and applicable. I like my professors and classmates, which also helps motivate me. Being in this profession, I also get to meet other professionals (not to mention students) from all around the world, which I always find to be very exciting.

The latest book I finished reading was Black Like Me, which I hadn't heard of before my dad recommended it. If you've never heard of it, check it out. It's a true account of a white male journalist who dyed/painted his skin black and shaved his head in order to immerse himself into the black culture in the South, circa 1959. Pretty fascinating read, and also a good reminder that racism is still a big problem in America. I'd love to see the day when it's not, but until then, we've gotta keep reminding ourselves to move forward toward a solution instead of sticking our heads in the sand. That's what his book was all about.

That's all for now! Hope everyone's had a nice January!

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