Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Former Professor's Fabulous New Book

Reading literary non-fiction short stories and poems can be a profound experience. It's one of the reasons I chose to be an English major. Literature reaches down and grabs you by the soul in a way that little else can.

I wanted to recommend one-such collection written by a former literature professor of mine. It's called Motherland: Stories and Poems from Louisiana by Lynn Hoggard. If you're a fan of the kind of writing that has true soul, this is a book to add to your library.

Click the pic to go to its Amazon page. A couple of the poems I felt deep in my heart, where there are still scars from the wounds of old love. Some of her stories made me laugh out loud. Others made me tremble in awe and also horror.

It really is a great book. And since I had a class with the author back when I was getting my BA, I figured I'd do my part and give her a little love here on the blog. :) Do check it out.