Saturday, August 9, 2014

Writing Private Creative Non-Fiction

Lately I've been writing short, creative non-fiction pieces that may never see the light of day. They're incredibly personal and very private. But I'm still writing them.

I am, after all, an English Major at heart. I have both analyzed and adored so much classic literary art over the years that I will always respect and admire it.

Sometimes it's good for people to write something just for themselves, or that maybe only one or two other people ever will see. It takes you back to the purely creative, cathartic form of writing, almost like a form of meditation. You aren't worried about genre or demographic or sales or anything of the sort. And there's something very freeing in that.

There's nothing wrong with writing stories to entertain the masses, but I encourage every writer to keep in touch with her heart and write some private pieces if need be. Sometimes we get so busy trying to escape real life by writing fiction and hoping we'll hit it big and turn it into our source of income that we don't ever deal with, analyze, and exorcise the old demons that haunt us. And what better way for a writer to do that than write some creative non-fiction?


  1. I love how you always inspire me to be more, C.J. I used to love writing, but somewhere along the road, real life crept in and it seems there is never time TO write anymore. It is something I have been wanting to do since the beginning of the year - even if just for myself - and I still have not done any of it. Thanks for the encouragement to pick up the pen and just START!