Sunday, August 31, 2014

Illegal Downloaders of my Book! You Know Who You Are, You Silly Rascals!

So tonight I found a website that is offering a free PDF download of my book Wings of the Divided. I'm both flattered and face-palming this special bit of information. Why? I'll tell ya.

On the one hand I am so totally thrilled that y'all liked it so much that you've gotta share it for free. That makes me feel great! It's why I wrote the book--so people could read it!

But on the other hand, I am a little bit sad because I'm already offering the book for pretty cheap. Also, if people are downloading it free from alternate sites, I have no record of how many people are doing this. And if I don't have a record of people buying it, I assume that nobody is downloading it, and nobody is interested. That doesn't fuel future projects of the same sort, if you know what I mean.

See where I'm going here?

Look. I know people are going to download things for free. I used to do it back in the day with CD's because it was so temptingly easy. But now, I understand that artists make their living based on sales of their albums, books, etc., so I make sure I actually *buy* their work now to show my support and keep them working.

I've set WINGS at $0.99 this past week. I did this before I even knew about the illegal freebies. It'll stay that way for a while. I also run legal freebies a few times a year. So I'm trying to make it easy on people (like me) who are on a budget.

I'm not here to gripe or tell you that you're going to hell for downloading a free PDF of my book, or even to tell you that you're stealing. I'm just saying this: please consider what you're doing when you d/l my book(s) for free. I've got no record that you bought the book when you do this, no review, no feedback, and definitely no money--though the money is the least of my concerns.

And for the offending sites: if you are offering my book for free, please consider taking it down out of courtesy to me, the author, who just wants to make a few cents per book. I'm not even out to get rich; I'm just wanting to know people are interested! And I can't know if you're giving it away without my knowledge.

If you are one of the folks downloading my book for free, please consider buying a print copy if you liked it, or getting a $0.99 copy to let me know you're interested, or gifting it to a friend if you liked the book enough to share.

Or write a review or comment here a the blog or shout out to me on Twitter, at the very, very least!

Laphelle would really appreciate it...

Okay, that's all I have to say on the subject. Carry on.


  1. That bites! You know, you can contact the site that is "hosting" the downloadable link and have them remove it ... and whenever you run a sale or offer any of your books as a freebie ... you know you can always shoot me an email babe and I'll shout it from the rafters! I love the books and want more, more, more!!!

    1. Hey, Kim! You are a fantastic supporter of the trilogy and such a sweet person on top of all that! I contacted one of the host sites where it was and told them to please take it down as it was in violation of copyright.

    2. Did they take it down? Did they respond to you?

  2. I don't think I would worry about it. If that actually drives new fans and customers to you, and it might, that's a good thing. I offer Love Dark for free for just that reason. But, I know what you mean.