Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun at Dallas Comic Con!

Man, I ran into so many fantastical beings at the Dallas Comic Con! Here are but a few...

Who wouldn't want to hang with a Ringwraith?

Chillin' with Chewy

Krystle and I found some live Ewoks!

Groovy skulls

Not sure who the girl is. Oops!

Then we got to see the Nightmare on Elm Street reunion cast Q&A panel!

Characters (L to R): "Nancy," "Tina," "Marge," and "Freddy"

Robert Englund, who plays the infamous Freddy Kreuger

Fun tid-bit: as we were driving in downtown Dallas, trying to find our parking lot, we passed Elm Street. I nudged my husband and made some crack about seeing the cast from Nightmare, and as it turns out (according to the panel), Wes Craven named the movie after that very street because of what happened with JFK. So there really was a connection!

We had a lot of fun. Glad we got to go!


  1. Hangin' with Freddy. Now, if only Depp dropped by to chill for a few? Looks like you had fun, and congrats on the job!

    1. No Johnny Depp, unfortunately :[ There was, however, a very impressive Jack Sparrow cosplayer I failed to get a picture of! And thanks! I'm very excited about the upcoming summer job.