Saturday, April 12, 2014

2014's Main Street Art Festival Find

Despite my persistent, 9-day chest bug, or whatever the heck it is, I went out to the Fort Worth Main Street Art Festival because it would've broken my heart to have missed it. I've gone every year for the past few years now, so it's a nice little tradition. Each year, Drew and I find something artistic to add to the house. Though a little uncomfortable physically, I had a great time as usual, and it even helped to get my mind off being sick. Here's this year's find!

The artist's name is Craig Lossing, and he seems like a really groovy, laid-back kinda guy.

I believe he said he made the piece out of maple wood from Washington state. One side is smooth and varnished, but the interesting side is all bumpy and contoured; it's what the untouched bark looks like on the inside.

I love how unique it is. It'll be fun to move it around the house and show it to visitors. 

Those little curly do-dads came as an extra bonus. There's an indention in the top with plastic insert that you can fill with water and then put a fresh flower or two in it. I think it's a nice addition to the home. :]

I was really tempted to buy a piece from another artist named Betsy Youngquist. I opted for the wood vase, though, since we're on a budget with my not working and going to school full time. Anyway, Youngquist's work is super fantastical and almost creepy but in a pretty way. Maybe I'll get something from her booth next time.


  1. That is totally unique and cool looking! I just love that it has a place for you to add flowers to - or anything else you like - its a "doable" decoration for each and every holiday! Double score!

    1. I'm going to love dressing it up for holidays. I could even put a tiny Christmas tree in it!

  2. That or put a little Santa hat on it. Hope you're feeling better!

    1. That's a cute idea, too! Feeling better, thank you. Def not 100%, but getting there.