Monday, March 3, 2014

Me at Oscars 2014!

Okay, so I wasn't *really* there... But back in high school, my old theatre friend, Misty, and I had hopes we would one day be movie stars. Although it didn't happen, we relive that nostalgia every year by dressing up for the Oscars and watching them on TV. I believe this year marked our 15th year to do this. Long time!

Do you have any unique traditions that you do with old friends/family? How long have you been doing it? Share in the comments!


  1. I can honestly say I'm not that brave. But, I like it!

  2. Holy friggin tamales chicka! You guys look smokin' hot and would fit in PERFECTLY on that red carpet!!!! What a fun tradition to do with your girlfriend!!! Man, now I want to do something like that roflmao!!!! You guys should save up this year and do the red carpet FOR REALS next year!!!! OMG I'd be jumping up and down going, "I know her!!! I know her!!! That's C.J. standing next to Channing Tatum!!!!" ROFLMAO!

    1. That is a great idea!! I especially like the Channing Tatum part ;]