Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scaling Back

Let me tell you how I'm simplifying my life right now. Three Things:

1) I'm turning my cell phone on silent and shoving it where I can't reach it when I'm driving. I'm much more focused on the road now, and I'm actually enjoying the radio a little better. I've missed being able to get in my car and shut out the rest of the world and use it as a time to reflect on things. So now I can do that again!

2) I took all of my social media and emails off my cell phone. Now I don't feel like I have to compulsively check it every 10 minutes to see if someone emailed, Tweeted, Facebooked, etc. Now my phone is more like a phone again.

3) I deleted my Facebook account!! *cue wild party music* I had deleted my Facebook account before, but I felt pressured to get back on a year and a half ago when I released The Divided Trilogy. I was told I needed a "Page" to market and all that. But now, Facebook's made these changes and it makes you pay them in order for people to see your posts on your page. Only some measly 2% of the 166 people who had liked the page could even see posts! So the Page was pointless at this point. Not to mention all the other gazillion reasons to get off of Facebook, such as being "friends" with people you'd never in a million years keep up with unless you were on Facebook, etc. etc.


I feel better already.

What about you? Are you brave enough to cut back on your cell phone use/social media time? Have you done it, and do you like the results?


  1. In the UK, if you get caught on your phone while driving you get fined, as it's dangerous. So I never do that anyway. I have a a pay as you go mobile so my internet is off most of the time anyway.
    I do harbour similar feelings towards facebook at times but I am a member of a few author groups which has helped promote my books.

    1. I think talking on the phone while driving is still legal in Texas, though texting is not. And in your case, if FB is helping you as an author, then it's working for you! :]

  2. I don't like my phone in general, and only use my cell when needed, which is rare, Never while driving. And Facebook has never, ever, been kind to me, so I choose to ignore it.

    I'm thinking about getting rid of my land line. If I could find cheaper internet I would. I'm looking into it.:-D

  3. OMG C.J. - I am so close behind you it isn't even funny! The "only" thing keeping me there at the moment is the blog ... another 'avenue' for promoting Life in a House of Testosterone to the oh 12 to 45 people out of 6,000+ that are subscribed anyway. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the new FB. I've been spending tons more time on Google+ and on Twitter and I'm actually getting the chance to TALK to people and INTERACT with people - something that FB never gave me much of on the page. On my personal FB - sure, friends and family - but that's about it. I could go on and on and on roflmao but I get it, and I know you know I get it lol! Kudos to you!

    1. Facebook is doing a lot of things wrong! And taking viewers away from pages is a major mistake I think they'll come to regret. Pretty much everyone I've talked to who has or had a page is not willing to pay their fees. I've found that I have more meaningful conversation with people on Twitter, conversing about ideas and exchanging information, than I did on FB, too.

    2. I retired my Facebook page. I disconnected anything and everything that did automatic posting to it - put up a final post about where my followers could find me - and feel completely and totally LIBERATED! I am loving not having to worry about posting to that black hole any longer!