Sunday, February 2, 2014

Social Media Hiatus Results

So I've officially "returned" to social media now. I've taken my little vacation, observed the results, and here are my new social media thoughts and goals for myself:

1) Very little, if not much at all, of my personal life is going to be posted on Facebook from now on. I'm going back to my original plan, which was to use FB as a platform to promote the angel books. But I'm going to "unplug" from the compulsion to share personal things at every hour of the day on there...because quite frankly, I don't want to live life like that. I need to cut the umbilical cord. Do any of you know what I'm talking about? You know, that weird crack-addict desire to put so much of your life on there? It's an easy, lazy way to connect and keep up with people without actually having to make an individual phone call or email. Maybe it's just me, but I kinda think it's an epidemic... Anyway, I'll still keep my personal account and my friends, whether they be my actual friends and family whom I talk to and keep in touch with or not, just so if something truly magnificent happens in my life, I'll have a way to mass-share. Also if someone wants me to see vacation pictures or a family video or something, I can pop on and check it out. (It's also pretty handy to keep track of people's birthdays.) But that's it!

2) Twitter's cool, but I have to curb a different compulsion on there, which is the "mindless scrolling" compulsion. I have to stop the mindless scrolling! Sometimes, Twitter has some really cool Tweets going on, related to news, humor, videos, art, and so-on. But sometimes there's nothing but "buy my product" links, emo Tweets about never getting over your ex, and stupid, pointless crap like "I'm wearing rainbow socks today." So when Twitter gets like this (why don't we call it "dead"?), I need to recognize that I'm wasting precious time in my life that I can't get back and sign the heck off of there!

I don't mean to sound too harsh or to slam you personally if you love Twitter and Facebook. You might find great satisfaction in posting things throughout your day, getting responses, and interacting with people. Some people are simply at places in their lives when social media can be a great comfort and a cure for loneliness - I've been there before! I'm just trying to get hard on myself so that I find my best personal balance, so I stop wasting time and start living more (and maybe, for heaven's sake, start writing again, go out and take more pictures, sketch, or do anything else that's actually creative) because living a virtual life isn't what I want to do! I want to use it as a channel of who I am, not let it put an invisible ball and chain around my ankle.

That is all. Have a great Sunday, everyone.


  1. Hey, Carrie!
    I hope life has been treating you well, and I hope you can get some fulfillment in your new adventure to "stop wasting time" and "start living". I completely agree with you, on that. I find that it's so easy to waste so much time, but then I feel like crap after and I get down on myself. However, if I spend that same time writing, or reading, or taking a walk, or going out to a store, or chatting with a friend, or playing with my dog, or whatever else it may be, I feel so much better. I feel refreshed, good about myself and like I've used my time wisely, in a way to better myself.
    Anyway, I know I haven't "been around" too much but I kind of fell off the blogging horse and I'm trying to get back on. haha But I wanted to come by and say 'hi', because I haven't done that in a while. I hope you and your husband are still enjoying your new house, and I hope you guys have had some better luck since November.
    All is well on my end. :)
    From one writer to another, good luck with whatever the future holds. I'm hoping to be around your blog a little more. I've almost forgotten how refreshing your posts are.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hey, Will, thanks for commenting! I feel the same way if I actually do things during my day, like you said, using my time a bit more wisely, rather than just sit and mindlessly stare at my computer screen. Things have taken a much better turn since November. Drew's gotten a job that pays well and keeps him busy, and I have returned to school. So we're both on newer, better courses now.