Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cuddle Up: What I've been Reading and Watching while Keeping Warm

Hope everyone's staying warm this week. I am ready for some nicer weather, if anything, so I can get out and start walking off some of this comfort food I've been consuming lately. Kaiser misses his walks, too.

I've been doing a lot of movie watching and book reading. I finally finished A Dance with Dragons, Book 5 in Geroge R. R. Martin's fantasy series. I'll admit it openly: the book was a letdown for me. It's like Martin's editors simply scanned the Jupiter-sized manuscript for typos, and then slid it on to the printing press without any sort of content edits. It was boring. It's slipping in the ranks for me, lowering in quality from the first three. I feel like this happens to a lot of series-writing authors who get "big." After their awesome first few installments, they start to crank out books that are so bad they never would have seen the light of day if the author hadn't been famous. I felt that way with Harry Potter around the 4th book. I've heard that the Wheel of Time series does the same thing around book 5. Oh, well. The publishing houses probably know we're all going to buy the next books anyway because we've already invested so much of our lives into the series, and we're terribly stupid, stubborn people. We will finish the series, if it's the last thing we do! Even if it blows!

And as for movies, I've watched a number of films that have been nominated for Best Picture. American Hustle was one of those "Really? This is nominated? Why?" movies, kinda bleh. Dallas Buyers Club and Captain Phillips, on the other hand, were really good. Jared Leto was so much fun to watch as a drag queen, and Tom Hanks gave a moving performance at the finale of his film. But back to crappy movies, I also didn't much care for Her, though it seems like the entire movie-watching world had an orgasm over it. And that was probably because they got to hear Scarlett Johansson having an orgasm in the movie, which was more than a little awkward since she is supposed to be a computer.


Sorry, must be the cold weather.

What are you doing to stay warm? Watched any good movies? Watched any that sucked? Read any good or lousy books? Share in the comments!


  1. Great view on why such great stories start going downhill later in the series! I especially noticed that while reading the Eragon series that was popular back in the day. The first one was good, the second one was long but I got through it, and the third one was just bad.

    I haven't seen any movies lately but I have been watching the first season of Orphan Black on BBC and Star Trek Next Generation (I know I know my geek is showing) which have been getting me through this abysmal winter.

    1. Hey, nothing wrong with showing that nerd side ;) Besides, who doesn't love Patrick Stewart?

  2. I decided to read some samples. I don't know why, but they make me feel better. I'm catching up on my shows, and Man of Steel was perfect. I loved the ending. It couldn't have been better.

  3. I never did like the campy treatment of past movies. :-D