Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cousin Bobby's Wedding: Windows Phone Pics

This weekend was a wonderful reminder of what needs to be priority in my life: the people I love. I almost didn't go to this wedding because I was worried it would be too difficult to get away from the ever-stressful Rat Race. But I'm sooo glad I went... And apparently so was everyone else!

It was a fantastic time, getting to see this particular branch of my family (a spunky, stubborn, hilarious group, this one). It was healing to be around so many people who know me and love me, and whom I'm equally crazy about. And it was deeply fulfilling to my heart to get to share this monumental weekend with my cousin who's always been very special to me.

My dad and I took a few pictures with my new Windows phone, so I'll share those with you now:

Me with cousins Bobby and Teresa 

Bobby's parents, Aunt Annie and Uncle Ronnie

Me and Aunt Sue

Diana and Bobby, Bride and Groom 

A View from the Wisteria Arbor, where the ceremony was held in the San Antonio Botanical Garden

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