Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rolling into August 2013 (Random Life Update with Pictures!)

Hi, all, how goes it? It's hard to believe the summer is almost over - of course, for those of us who live in North Texas, the worst of the summer is upon us. I'm talking 100+ degree temperatures, days so hot and dry that the scenery goes all wiggly in the distance, yes. You step out of a swimming pool only to completely dry in one minute flat... I could go on and on. Needless to say, I'm ready for autumn! But endure August I must. Here's how I'm getting through the lengthy days.

So, I patted myself on the back earlier this year for whittling down my to-read pile to nothing, only keeping one book on the shelf at any given time so I wouldn't end up with more books than I could possibly read. Well, I'm back to a small-ish pile once again. Hard to stop yourself when you're visiting the bookstores and the days are really too hot to do anything but stay inside and read and/or watch movies! Here is my current pile:

For those of you interested in how my tillandsia "Jim Morrison" is doing, well...I'm sad to say that Jim passed away. (Maybe I shouldn't name my plants after rock stars who didn't make it to age 30. Hmm...) I did, however, purchase a few more, mostly of a different variety than Jim. Here's the bunch, so far nameless:

And here are a few prints that I recently got back from the frame shop. (Please ignore the flash on the glass.)

Finally, here's a little something I got on sale at Pier One this weekend. It's hanging above my bed. I was just having a conversation on Twitter with @GrimmReport about how all I need now is a sign right below it that says "Sleep," as well as one in my closet that says "Dress," etc. so I'll be all set if I ever get dementia.

What are you doing to entertain yourself during these long August days? If you're lucky, you're on vacation. Go ahead. Share. Let me live vicariously through you.


  1. I like your new acquisitions :)...they can support you in your endeavors to create a muse friendly place :).

  2. I love how Kaiser can't help but get in on the picture. He appears to have chosen which book you'should' read next.... You make our grey days in England sound fantastic. Keep cool :-)

    1. Yes, he thinks I should read the Goosebumps book next! Ahh, yes, I'd give anything to hang out in England for a week...

  3. Well my vacation days are over here in Virginia ... we're busy in "back-to-school" mode around here. But I do have some beach photos to get posted later on that you can live vicariously through hee hee!