Friday, July 19, 2013

Just A Thought...

So in my seemingly endless quest to find the perfect new story idea to write next, I came across the memory of Goosebumps books. Did any of you read those books? I devoured them as an older kid. I guess they'd be considered "Mid Grade Horror." Mid Grade seems to be the category in between Children's books and Young Adult books. You've got kids who can read but who aren't quite ready for the romance and other adult themes of Young Adult. (If I'm getting this wrong, please feel free to chime in because so far, I've only written fiction marketed for grown ups.)

Anyway, remembering how much I loved those Goosebumps books made me start thinking about writing something for that age range, maybe even in the horror genre. But I'm so behind the game when it comes to what's popular in that age range of fiction today! So I ask you, are there any Mid Grade fiction stories that you have read and enjoyed or that your kids have read and enjoyed?

This is all just a thought for now, but you never know which thought will blossom into more...


  1. Think anime! Manga is starting to dominate the US comics market for a reason. It's not just Yu Gi Oh! anymore, and the ideas are so much more than the US market provides. Check out Sword Art Online over at Hulu.

    Check out the movies.

    These readers of manga are the readers of tomorrow, but only if we can give them the ideas they crave. Wonderful, yet twisted.

  2. He had an interesting writing process that translated to so many books a year. My brothers loved these books, but I was too old for them when they became popular. But then, I go back and read a lot of things that I used to be "too old for" when I was younger.

    1. If a book is good, it's good, no matter what the intended age :)