Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pain as a Barometer

Pain isn't always a bad thing. Pain is our own personal barometer to show us when things are going wrong with our bodies. It's also a warning that helps reveal flaws in our personal relationships.

Think of pain like that little red warning light that flashes on machinery when a piece within isn't functioning properly. That warning light is there to alarm us into action so the entire machine won't go down in a domino effect of broken parts.

No pain should be flat-out ignored. It deserves at least a moment of your attention. When you feel it, ask yourself why you're feeling it and if greater action needs to be taken.

If you have physical pain, ask yourself why. Maybe you should stop staying up so late. Maybe you should cut back on a certain kind of food or drink. Maybe you should wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle. Maybe...

If you have emotional pain, ask yourself why. Why is that relative or friend or significant other causing you pain? Is it your own personal issues from the selfish ego like jealousy? Maybe you should work on yourself. Is the person acting from a place of selfishness, thus causing you pain? Maybe you should back off from the person. Or is this person truly toxic for you? Maybe you should leave the relationship entirely.

There have been many times in my life when pain, both physical and emotional, caused me to make different choices in my life that I feel bettered my quality of life.

What about you? Has there been an instance in your life where pain served as your barometer, your warning light, to lead you in a better, healthier direction?


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