Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Would Look Good in Here?

Hey, check out my nifty new cabinet that I got from the Scarborough Renaissance Festival this past weekend!

I was wondering...what do you all think would look good inside of it? It's in the entryway of the house, right to the left as you come in. I have a few ideas, but I thought I'd pick your brains.

Oh, and if you like the craftsmanship, you should check out the artist's Etsy page -->here<--.

As some of you have heard me say before, I don't mind paying a little extra $ to support artists and their original works. These people put their whole heart into it their creations. And it shows. Plus this particular artist (Mark Cooper) was really spiritual and groovy, and I thought he was really cool. ;)

That's all for now in the Decorating Saga! Stay tuned for more news on The Divided Book 3, coming in less than a month!


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