Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some Musical Childhood Inspiration: The Moody Blues

When I was a little girl, just old enough to sit up, my dad used to put me in front of his stereo system. He had vinyl records then instead of CDs or an ipod. The stereo was a huge set-up with speakers the size of columns (and fuzzy to touch) on both sides of the record player.

So he'd put me in front of this magical music box and put his massive headphones on my little head. The band I distinctly remember discovering at that ripe young age of about two was The Moody Blues. It was like going into another world.

I've always been curious, would I have liked The Moody Blues even if Dad hadn't given me this special, inspiring gift? Or would I have fallen under their spell no matter what point in my life I discovered them? I might never know. But here is a little taste of what came streaming through the headphones and into the budding creative mind of the little girl me... (By the way, I still love this band, and their music still takes me to other worlds and far off times.) Enjoy!

And there's plenty more were that came from. If you like them, just ask me, and I'll suggest some more of their masterpieces. Have a great day, readers ;)


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  1. I love vinilio disk. His music has higher quality.
    The sale of these discs comeback.
    The Moody Blues ... A great group.

    1. I love it, too! Glad you agree about the band! *Hugs!*