Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Fun Facts about BLADE OF THE DIVIDED

The response to my Five Fun Facts about 'Wings of the Divided' post was so good that I'm doing one for its sequel.

So here are five behind-the-scenes tidbits about BLADE for you to put in your trivia bank:

1) When I wrote one of the scenes in this book, it was Valentine's Day, and the sky was filled with clouds. I looked out my window, and all at once, it started snowing. I immediately became inspired and added snow to an otherwise snow-less part.

2) I got to pay homage to a number of different book/movie genres in BLADE with my various planets. For instance, Belac displays my love for Westerns, Eletin for Medieval Fantasies, and Seguai for gritty Sci-Fi.

3) The planet Belac is my brother Caleb's name spelled backwards.

4) My characters Mannie and Lonnie are loosely based on my Aunt Annie and Uncle Ronnie. I've always adored their very playful, long and successful marriage. Mannie and Annie both make an absolutely delicious chocolate pie.

5) Two of my angel characters in WINGS OF THE DIVIDED were originally supposed to die. One of my beta readers got so angry that I was planning to kill one of them that she insisted I keep him around for Book 2. I'm glad I did because he's ended up being a reader favorite (and honestly, I like him quite a bit, too). Another character I actually did kill off (much to readers' delight because he's one of those villains you love to hate)...but I enjoyed writing him so much that I brought him back for BLADE. He, ironically, ends up playing such an important role in Book 3 that I can't imagine the trilogy without him. Another success of the subconscious mind!


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