Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I am happy to say I've received another blog award! This one is the Versatile Blogger Award, and William Louison (who is also an enjoyable and versatile blogger) kindly gave it to me! One of the things I hope I always do is keep this blog interesting by doing a variety of different posts. I'm glad to see my readers enjoy it!

The award entails I have to share seven facts about myself, so here we go:

1) I'm really into natural cures (supplements, essential oils, etc.).

2) My secret dream is to have a huge garden, but so far, I'm not exactly Ms. Green Thumb... **Oh, well.**

3) True Friendship is extremely important to me, which is why it's much more of a theme in my writing than romance is.

4) I'm not bad at sketching, and if I hadn't chosen writing as my craft, I might have ended up a very different sort of artist than I am today.

5) I've been to California, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas in the U.S., and outside of the U.S., I've been to England and Canada.

6) I have a little teenage girl's crush on Chris Hemsworth.

7) One of my favorite genres to read is horror, but I avoid many horror movies because they disturb me more with the visuals, and I can't "unsee" some of the things I've seen in some of those flicks!

And now to pass on the award! I have chosen five bloggers I currently follow who consistently post on a variety of topics, thus keeping their blogs very interesting and "Versatile"!

A.K. Anderson (Posts on writing, personal musings, the occasional video, etc.)

Hannah Violin (Posts on violin playing/teaching, her adventures as a foodie, personal posts, product reviews, and so on)

Jon Herrera (Posts a nice mixture of coping with mental illness, fictional short stories, and the occasional review)

Alisha Jaybird (Personal posts, recipes, funny stories, pictures, etc.)

Unikorna (A lovely variety of personal musings, and now also does guest author posts)


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  1. Thanks so much for the award! You're the best. :)

  2. Thank you! :D I will try to reply in tomorrow's post!

  3. YAY! Thank you!!!! You are awesome!! :)