Thursday, April 4, 2013

In Limbo (Updates on House, Books, Kaiser, etc.)

Hey All :) I just wanted to write a short post and let you all know that I am dying to get back to some real blogging! But alas, we still don't have the Internet at the new house. The technician came out today, but there a ticket was put in for a different tech to come out. This sort of cycle went on for 3 weeks the last time we moved. So who knows when I'll be officially "connected" again *sigh*.

In the meantime, I'm hopping on other computers when I can to update Tweets, quickly answer email, etc. I can tell you this much, though, about the new house: I love it!! Kaiser is taking some time adjusting, however. For instance, there are 4 doors in this new house, one front, and 3 back! So when the doorbell rings, it totally confuses him because he's used to seeing us come in the back door, but the person ringing the bell is in the front... That's one thing among many that we are all adjusting to there.

I also wanted to remind you that there are about four days left to enter my WINGS OF THE DIVIDED: THE DIVIDED BOOK 1 paperback giveaway on Goodreads! You can find a widget for it in the right sidebar of this blog as long as the contest is still live! After that contest wraps up, I'm going to do an exclusive giveaway contest right here on the blog. I'll be giving away 1 autographed copy in the blog giveaway, so if you don't win the Goodreads one, you can certainly try again and enter the one here!

As far as SONG OF THE DIVIDED: THE DIVIDED BOOK 3 is concerned, I have a few very special hand-picked critique partners going over the manuscript, and I hope to have that available for you by June. Laphelle and the gang are ready to wrap up their story and let you experience the finale! 

Hope everyone's doing well in the meantime! I apologize if I seem distant and scatterbrained! As soon as we have the Internet at the house, I'm going to upload some pictures of the house and do a post about it (one picture in particular is what I did with the fireplace!), so stay tuned!


  1. I am so curious about the house with 4 doors...Take plenty of photos and please include Kaiser and pretty you in them :)>

    1. I finally got all the big stuff arranged today, and now it's time for decorating :-D I already know a few things I'm taking pictures of for my big upcoming post!

  2. Four doors? You must have a big house. Mine only has one!

    Also, notice how if you move internet companies they want to set you up asap but if there is a problem with your connection, it takes them weeks to send someone out?

    Sorry, this is probably the most boring comment I have ever posted on someone's blog. Feel free to leave me a boring comment in revenge. :D

    1. Yeah, my husband called them today to figure out what was going on, and our order got cancelled. Somehow, when the guy put in the ticket for the tech to come out, he put it in for the year 2037... And to top it all off, they said they'd call us when they had a time for them to come back out. I wanted to ask, "Umm...can you not at least pencil us in somewhere right now? Or do you not have a schedule??" Pure chaos. For being a company all about connection, they sure are disorganized.

  3. We don't miss you...
    Just teasing.
    What's this 'real blogging' that you speak of?
    I don't think that you'd find any of that on my blog...
    LOL Anyways - I'll put the 'comedian' me away - we haven't chatted in a while (I've been so busy with final exam studying that I haven't really had a chance to get on Twitter in a while either) but I guess with you having no internet, that makes sense. So, whenever you do get this, how's it going? How is Blade of the Divided going (in terms of sales and reviews and stuff)? Good luck with the house, and hope to see you back in full force soon!

    1. Hey! What I meant by real blogging was being able to sit and relax at home and let the creativity flow without feeling guilty for jacking someone's computer (or in this case a phone bec I don't have the internet on mine!) Sales are meh for blade and prob bec i need to keep promoting book 1 to get it more out there first. I have seen you posting chapters of your new project! I want to wait until you finish it so I can read it in full!

    2. Yeah I figured I knew what you want...I was just being silly. ;)
      And my new project is actually one I started about 5 years ago. I wrote my first version for NaNoWriMo 2007. I finished that one...edited it, even printed it all out for my parents to read. And then in 2010 for NaNoWriMo I re-wrote the same novel, but made a ton of changes and updates. I was happy where that was going. Last summer I started re-vising that version, so this is like my third version of this novel. While it's not quite perfect yet, I've put a lot of work into it over the years. Maybe when I finishing posting it all and edit it a bunch this summer, I'll publish that one, too.
      And I still have to read Wings of the Divided...I know I said in February that I was going to, and then things just got busy for me. Once I'm done finals, this month, I'll have lots more free time to read it (and review it, of course - since you did the same for me).
      Thanks for the encouragement!