Friday, April 26, 2013

Look What Just Came in the Mail...

It's the proof! The Divided Book 2 paperback proof! Kaiser is "going flat" in joy that it looks great!

You can get a copy now from the CreateSpace store, and it'll also be available on Amazon in a few days!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Five Fun Facts about WINGS OF THE DIVIDED

I always enjoy learning about the "behind the scenes" of movies, books, songs, etc. So I thought you might enjoy a few fun facts about the making of WINGS OF THE DIVIDED: THE DIVIDED BOOK 1. Here it goes!

1) My Fallen angel character Malynko originally had white hair. But while I was writing the first draft of this book, I had a rather intimidating dream about him. In it, he had raven black hair. When I woke up, I changed it to the color it is now (black!).

2) Originally, I didn't know what Malynko and Gidyon's original feud was about, why they seemed to hate/fear/obsess over one another. I had a few chapters of the book under my belt when I was driving to college class one day, and I realized (like "aha!") what had happened between them in the past. I didn't have a notebook, so I pulled into a parking spot and excitedly wrote it down on a napkin.

3) The Sivli sword that Fallen angel Laphelle carries was actually an idea I originally had for another (unfinished) book. In that fantasy story, the villain was named Sivli, and he had a wicked sword with a snake on the hilt that would come alive and drink its wielder's blood.

4) After finishing the novel, one of my critique-readers suggested I change the character Jack to a female, as there aren't many female characters in the book. Jack became "Rachel" for a while, and then I changed the name to "Jackie." After a couple of other critique-readers pitched a fit (they liked Jack), I changed it back to the original male character. And I'm glad I did, as he is one of my favorites.

5) WINGS OF THE DIVIDED was originally just titled THE DIVIDED, and I had no plans of making it into a trilogy. It was just a stand-alone. Or so I thought... Several months after writing BOOK 1, I realized the story wasn't finished yet. And I started in on BOOK 2.

Hope you enjoyed these little fun facts! I'm planning on doing another set for BOOK 2 and 3! Taa-taa for now!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Main St. Art Festival Finds :)

Though it was really tempting to break the bank and buy a ton of art, I decided on this glass piece by Toby McGee (check out his website -->here<--). It called to me for some reason, maybe because it reminded me of an eel. I recently watched an episode of PBS's show Nature, which was about eels (preview that episode -->here<--), and they really are fascinating, mysterious creatures. But I digress.

Anyway, while Drew and I were walking up and down the street checking out all the vendors, I grabbed a few business cards from some of them. So here are the websites of some other really cool artists that are also worthy of a view:

Jay McDougall

Brianna Martray

Matthew Naftzger

Andrew Mosedale

Elaine Hyde

Marina Terauds

Amy Flynn

Happy browsing!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some Epic Angelic Tunes

Here are a couple of songs sung by Tarja Turunen. The first, titled "Until Dawn (Angels of Light)," reminds me of *my* angels of light characters (i.e. Gidyon and Noam). The second song, "Damned and Divine," is such a great song for a Fallen angel, particularly my character Malynko. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I've narrowed it down to the month it'll be released! Get ready, because (as long as we don't hit any snags) it's coming this June! What's this, you ask? Why, it's the conclusion to my epic angel trilogy!

And if you haven't read the first two installments, you can check them out -->here<--.

Have a great weekend. (It's so nice to finally have the Internet at my new house!!)