Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Being Flexible

One of the trending topics on Twitter this morning is "My Life in 5 Words." I put "Not Quite What I Planned."

You see, I had my life all planned out in high school. I knew I was going to get a degree in either Theatre or English, and I was going to land a starring role in a movie or write a huge best-selling novel before I graduated. Well, neither happened. I stuck with English, and I did write, but nothing sold, and I wound up in a teaching position (technically Plan B).

I thought, Okay, I can be a teacher and change lives. Well, turns out, the public school system isn't exactly what it used to be. I spent more time playing what felt like Juvenile Hall Prison Warden than actually getting to teach anything. I was miserably stressed and disappointed, and when I got married, I moved away from my home town and found myself in a series of Plan C, D, and E kinds of jobs, which is where I am today.

Right now we are looking to buy a house. Yesterday we looked at one that I absolutely loved, and as it turns out, someone else has already all but bought it. Bummer!

Anyway, it's these kinds of things that can make you incredibly depressed and not want to get up in the morning...or you can do what I've heard many old people advise as a way to live longer, and that is to Stay Flexible.

I don't care who you are; you can't possibly plan every aspect of your life. Sometimes it goes in directions you don't want it to go. Sometimes it goes in that dreaded other direction a lot!

But you know what?

That's life.

And you have to stay flexible and go with the flow or else you'll lose your mind. And maybe, just maybe, you'll realize you're in a spot that's been right for you all along, even though you would have planned it differently. (For instance, I'm now working a job that allows me more time to write.)

So here's an instrumental song with a title that goes with my musing today: "Respect The Wind" by Van Halen. I think of the Wind as that thing that changes our course and knocks us off our original map. We can either scream at it and throw a fit, or we can respect it. I try to respect it, even though it isn't easy.


  1. Wow. Awesome post. A lot of wisdom here...and a lot of just plain common sense, too. I think if you keep plugging away, you'll make it as that bestselling author. I started Wings of the Divided today and, while it's no usually my cup of tea - I'm more a sci-fi kind of guy - your writing style is infectious. It's really quite good. Your choice of words...your phrasing. Keep writing, keep trying and, eventually, you'll see your dreams to fulfillment! :)