Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: New Calendars, New Journal & New Goals

One of my favorite things about starting the new year is acquiring new calendars! So far I have a couple of them. Here's the one in my writing room/library:

A hodgepodge of spiritual images/quotes

Neat, huh?

And this one's in the "movie room":

Cute little Bilbo! (By the way, happy B-day, Tolkien!)

My husband got me a new leather-bound journal, which I am going to use this year for new story ideas:

I love the smell of leather. It's tempting me to write a Western...with some sort of weird twist, of course. We'll see.

And now for my 2013 GOALS! Note: these are simply written because I jotted them down on a piece of paper on New Year's Day when I was completely exhausted. But they pretty much cover the gist of what I'd like to accomplish. So here they are, word-for-word, copied down from my paper.

1) Go more with my gut feeling in situations (trust my intuition and let it help me make choices).

2) Get the angel books all published and complete.

3) Start writing a new book or novella or short story collection.

4) Find a house to buy.

5) Get my car paid off.

6) Let go of relationships that didn't work. Forgive and move forward and leave them in the past.

7) Give more energy to those relationships that are reciprocal and healthy.

That about wraps things up for today. Hope everyone's having a good one.

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