Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Take a Visual Soul Trip

You are a soul.
You animate the body you live in, and when that body dies, you will go on, back where you came from.

You're here for such a short while in the grand, "big picture" of things.
Why do you worry about all the trivial matters?
Will what you're worried about today mean anything a year from now? Five years? Ten?

So why are you here? You're here to learn a universal lesson or two. You're here to grow as a soul. You're also here to explore. You're here to live, not just exist. You're here to thrive. You're here to love.

Only the soul lives on. The soul leaves marks here, in the form of art, which might last through several ages. But you, the soul that you are, you are the only thing about you that will last an eternity.

So let go, watch this little gem of a video I found, and take a little trip. Let it remind you not to concern yourself with the rat race that you might be freaking out about today...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Rain, Gene, and Frank

Why is it that the rain makes some of us artistic types start flowing with those mind-wandering juices?

Another rainy day with steel-gray skies, sopping wet, squishy ground, and I find myself wanting to dance to some crooners.

A particular song comes to mind. It's maybe a little expected and cheezy for days like this, but "Singin' in the Rain" is one of my favorite movie moments of the 50's and pretty much all time. I am currently watching the uber-charming Mr. Gene Kelly (may his sweet, charming, handsome soul rest in peace). Here's the iconic video where he dances like a loon right after gazing in a love-struck haze into Carrie Fisher's Mom's eyes (that's Debbie Reynolds, of course).

Gene wasn't as much known for his singing as he was for his dancing and choreography. Someone who *was* known more for his singing, however, is the smooth-voiced Mr. Frank Sinatra. Another perfect song for a rainy day (or sunny, cloudy, snowy, or tornado day that makes you want to tickle your ears with some fab fifties crooning) is "All The Way," a song that was recorded by tonsbunches of pop singers from that era. "Who knows where the road will lead us...only a fool would say..."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"After A Night's Storm" (a poem)

Step down the crooked sidewalk
The morning after a night's storm
And breathe in the floral serenity
That has taken precious form.

The damp and fragrant, misty air
Awash of yesterday's pace
Stands still and full of future's promise
Like an ethereal suitcase.

Houses, all sleeping, rest sound and still
Under cumulus clouds, cool and dark
And the dimmed morning light from above
Colors gardens, damp green leaves, and brown bark.

The morning after a night of rain
Is among my favorites moments of life
Because it heals, reveals, and shows us the way
And brings growth from the prior day's strife.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Goals are a funny thing, aren't they? Goal-oriented humans such as myself can be driven to the point of madness. We spend our whole lives always with a list of goals, which we may or may not meet. If we meet the first set, we make even more goals. We make a second set, a third set, a fourth, and so on. But if at any point we don't meet them, we end up in a state of shock and depression.

This morning I've found myself feeling the need to make a new goal list. I've learned the lesson by now that you cannot map out life. You think you know it's going to go one way, and then it blindsides you by going another. You can't predict it. All you can do is try new things and see if any of them stick.

From what I've concluded (so far), the purpose of our lives is to love one another and to create art and beauty and be kind to one another. How you go about that is different for everyone. We all have a variety of unique skills which we may or may not cultivate in this lifetime. One of the skills I've been told I have is writing. I've written a countless number of stories in my life, some unpublished, but many published. These tales range in length from short stories to novelettes to novels, published with a wide variety of publishers, in many genres, under a handful of pseudonyms.

Cool. So I've got that. And I'm delving into the whole "Indie pubbing" thing with the angel trilogy, which is in the works. But what to do in the meantime?

I'm always going to be a writer. I know this like I know the sun's going to rise tomorrow morning. But what else is lying there dormant just under the surface of my skin, just waiting to be released? What new goals can I set, not only to challenge myself to grow as a human, but to explore any undiscovered talent I may have, that might help me in my life's purpose to create art, love people, and spread kindness?

Here are a few I've come up with so far:

1) Delve into de-cluttering and learn more about Feng Shui. I don't know if this will turn into some multi-million-dollar enterprise, but hell, I might be able to help people like my poor clutter-brained dad re-do his old house and turn it into something really groovy-looking!

2) Trot into a retirement home and see if they can use me as a volunteer. I have a couple friends who are scared shitless of going to the old folks home. They don't want to encounter any of the elderly who have lost their minds. But to me, someone who used to do this as a child with her mother, I see elderly humans as possible founts of knowledge and wisdom. And some of them are so lonely up there without any family visiting...I might be able to do something really kind there.

3) Study more art and art history. I think the great artists in this world, be they painters, musicians, or actors, truly have something to say, and that's why their art is timeless and resonates. I want to study more ART, and push out all the pop-culture nonsense that bombards my brain at every corner. Instead of reality shows, I want to watch the classic, groundbreaking movies I haven't seen yet. Instead of digesting whatever songs the latest stars are cranking out, I want to study the iconic musicians of history. And so on.

Who knows what'll happen? I sure don't. We can create all the goals, all the maps for life, that we want, but sometimes they're stripped away from us by a giant gust of wind, and we find ourselves wandering aimlessly again for a while. But the stars do eventually come out. We catch that glimpse of light that serves as a guide again. And we follow a new direction. The important thing is to stay open-minded. And love one another. All goals eventually fade away in the end. To-do lists become obsolete. And what you're left with is who you loved, who loved you, and how you treated the world around you...

But in the meantime, it's fun trying new things.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Circa 1953

My mother is an identical twin. That's her to the left (or is it to the right??). This picture was taken before she and my aunt developed their separate likes and styles, which would serve as identifiers to tell them apart later in life.

No matter what they've done separately, however, they have always had an uncanny connection. For instance, when Auntie and my mother were in their 40's and lived in separate states, they still somehow managed to buy the same kind of key-chain for their keys that same year!

I can tell them apart by their voices, but only after some practice. Whenever they spend time together, they like to call me and see if I can identify who's talking. It's the tiny little quirks in each of their voice patterns that make them unique. Only someone who knows them very well could sense the difference. When they were infants, my grandmother had to put a spot of fingernail polish on their feet to tell them apart!

Twins must have separate souls, but they still share something very special that other siblings don't. I love both my mother and Auntie for being their own, unique selves, and also for being so much like halves to a whole.

I'm supposedly in line to have twins, myself, so if I choose to bear children, I may get my own precious set of identical babies. Good thing I have lots of fingernail polish on hand...

Monday, August 6, 2012

We're On Mars!

What a thing to wake up to this bright and sizzling summer morning! We have landed a new rover on Mars!

The rover called Curiosity is now going to explore the mysterious Red Planet for us as we expand our knowledge as human beings and continue to be fascinated by life and the universe around us.

Rived? Inspired? Freaked out by the awesomeness of it all? Well, you must feel like getting in the Mars Mood now, so let me suggest some top notch -->literature<-- to tickle that space-traveling fancy.

Hmm...I wonder if we'll find any life out there on our neighboring planet...?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey, World

Hey there, Bloggerverse.

I'm trying something new, something fresh, something real. Had a few earlier incarnations of this thing called "blog," but that was just toying around, just playing with the format, just "finding my way," so I knew what to do when the real me decided to shine through.

And that time is now! *trumpets sound*

Pretty soon, I'll have some fantabulous reading material for all of y'all, not only in the form of very eclectic, very ME blog posts, but also some published fiction to flirt with your fanciful imaginations. The angels are coming. Can't wait! ;)

If nobody else reads this blog, it won't be too much of a bummer because I've come into my own lately. I'm writing this shit for myself. Anyone who comes along for the ride is welcome and appreciated, but just know you're getting something genuine, something non-commerical, something soulful.

If you can dig it, stay and play.

Talk again soon... ;)