Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You Shouldn't Own a Dog If...

Hey, you all know about my little guy, Kaiser, right?

He's the first dog that I've owned outside of having a family dog. That's right. Before I got married, it was just Kaiser and I. As a present for graduating from college and moving into my very own little rent house, my mother let me pick him out of her mini-dachshund's litter. I chose Kasier. He was freakishly big compared to the others, but he was also the one who was the biggest wimp. I felt sorry for him. He was so awkward but so cute.

Anyway, after owning Kaiser for 5 years (and during that time, working for a vet and later for a pet resort,) I have come to the conclusion that many dog owners shouldn't own dogs. A reminder of this hit me this morning when I was out taking Kaiser for a walk and saw our neighbor's dog tethered to a tree. Oh, and by the way, the owners were nowhere in sight. UGH! Irresponsible much? Not only could that dog strangle itself and die, it could also break free and hurt someone, including itself. It was annoyingly trying to attack us but couldn't reach, and we still had to go to the other side of the street to get away from it. 

So that brings me to the title of my blog. Let me know if you agree with these. 

You Shouldn't Own a Dog If...

#1) You tether your dog to a tree, pole, or anything other than YOURSELF (and that should only be during a walk).

#2) You don't bother to get your dogs vaccinated with the basic shots, such as the parvo preventative and rabies preventative. (Speaking from experience, treating puppies who get parvo doesn't always work, and administering all the fluids with that giant needle through the belly is especially traumatic on the little baby dogs. But the illness can be avoided so easily.)

#3) You don't use flea and tick prevention on your dog. (Umm...yuck.)

#4) You don't give your dog a heartworm preventative. (When your dog gets heartworm via a mosquito bite, the no-guarantee treatment is super expensive. Plus, how would you like your heart to be eaten through with worms?)

#5) You underfeed or way overfeed your dog. (You don't want your dog to starve. On the flip side, dog obesity puts your pet at risk for the same diseases as obese people, for instance, diabetes.)

#6) You feed your dog a dangerous amount of table scraps that are toxic for canines. (If you're curious about what food is dangerous to give your dog, click -->here<--.)

#7) You have no extra time in your day to give to your dog and end up depriving it of any attention. (They get lonely just like people do.)

#8) You physically abuse your dog. (That one's a major "Duh.")

#9) You don't fix your fence, and your dog repeatedly gets out of the yard and runs wild. (We see a lot of this in our neighborhood, unfortunately.)

Those are the things that come directly to mind. What do you think? Have any to add to the list?

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