Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Christmas Post

I'm not as big on decorating for Christmas as a lot of people I know. (Halloween is my favorite holiday.) But I still put up a few decorations because, hey, why not? Christmas fans like it, and it's tradition.

So for you Holly Jolly people who really get into it, here's my little tree and some stockings:

I would get a larger tree, except for two things:

1) My weenie dog chews on anything that's within his reach.

2) The little tree is too convenient. I just pull it out of the box, all decorated, and voila! Two minutes of effort vs two hours. ;)

Here are some close-ups of a few of the decorations on my little tree:

Weenie dog ornament

Frog ornament

Glass flower

Ninja Turtle

You know, there's this part of me that really wishes Christmas could be more about making memories with family and friends than having to buy everyone a present--particularly buying presents for people you don't even see or talk to outside of the holidays. It's also hard having to wrack my brain for something that I want these days! I feel like have everything I want and need, as I'm just not that materialistic of a person. In fact, I've been downsizing my "stuff" to make life simpler. Just give me your time, and I appreciate that much more than a physical present.

But I don't want to seem like a Scrooge, so I will say that Christmas is generally a cozy holiday, a day of hugs and warmth during a cold time of year (although it's currently in the 80s here in Texas right now, which is blowing a lot of people's minds.) And I do like the artistic/personal side of decorating your own tree.

What about you?

What about Christmas do you like?

What do you not like?

Is there anything you do that is a unique sort of tradition, not related to the usual tree and lights and presents? Comments welcome.


  1. Sure liked your tree. Your little sisters will too.
    Cool dog ornament!!! I am glad you like Christmas.
    Your right aboutt what really matters. Thanks for
    being you.

    1. I am looking forward to seeing my little sisters! :) And you're welcome <3

  2. I share your enthusiasm towards X-mas. I like your American X-mas is very cheerful and peaceful, with so many stories and family and fireplace. In my country it's a bit more religious, it's more about Jesus being born, anyway it's a special time :). Happy Holidays :).

    1. When I was growing up, it seemed there was more emphasis on Christmas being about Jesus's birth. Maybe that's because I went to more church functions as a child--who knows?

      I remember one of the big holiday attractions I always looked forward to was the Fantasy of Lights . There was often a manger scene with live animals in it, which fascinated me. Now, though, it feels like Christmas is merely a huge commercial holiday for stores to make big bucks. I mean, this year I was seeing some stores put out their Christmas items in October! For heaven's sake, why?? (To make a buck.) And most other places had everything stocked well before Thanksgiving. It's like Thanksgiving isn't even a holiday anymore. But I digress ;)

      Happy Holidays to you, too, Unikorna, and thanks for commenting!