Saturday, November 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Wings of the Divided

This Sunday I'm going to share six sentences from my novel Wings of the Divided. In this scene, little Fallen angel Kiazmo is musing on his deadly comrade Laphelle, about how powerful he is and why so many of the other angels (light and dark) fear him. Enjoy!

"While many of the angels of darkness had their weaknesses, be it sex or drugs or bloodlust or any other perverted addiction, Laphelle was slave to nothing. And he never lost a fight. The reason he was not a member of the Elite was not just because angels of First Rank were forbidden to rise to higher status. Rumor had it that Lucifer especially didn't trust him. There must have been something in the way Laphelle carried himself during the parades after winning battle after battle on all those distant worlds. Something in the way he refused the pleas of women begging to bed him during those victory celebrations, something in the way his eyes searched for more than just dark victory that made even the Devil himself uneasy."

Wings of the Divided is now available.


  1. Congrats on your novel, I see it's very much to my taste, I am a fantasy consumer myself :). Kisses.