Saturday, November 24, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Vengeful Bounty

Today I'm posting as part of Six Sentence Sunday, and the book this snippet comes from is my sci-fi action/adventure tale Vengeful Bounty. By the way, this weekend marks the novel's one-year anniversary! 

I published this ebook with Untreed Reads and opted to use the pseudonym Jillian Kidd. (I've toyed around with some different pen names before finally settling on my real name's initials: C.J. Sullivan.) VB was really fun to write. It's one of the few things I've written from a first-person POV. In this story, Mina Maxwell, redheaded bounty hunter extraordinaire, narrates her journey to gain "Global Status" so she can hunt the bad guys all over the world. During her tale, she kicks some serious butt, battles with some inner-demons, and dares to let herself love again after being heartbroken by a fellow bounty hunter. 

In this six sentences from the book, she and her bounty hunting baby brother, Colt, have just arrived at a club, where they're going to nab one of the bounties on the wanted list. Enjoy!


"I checked my cleavage for the mini laser gun I’d secured—still in place. I wish I had been able to carry an old-fashioned bullet-firing pistol as well, but the outfit wouldn't allow it. I liked to keep one as a backup in case the laser gun runs out of energy—the batteries in those things were cheap crap. You had to keep them on the charger all night for them to be worth anything the next day.

Colt stepped out and checked his appearance for flaws in the rear-view mirror and intensely arched his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes like he was some sort of supermodel getting ready for the catwalk. Brothers, aren’t they a joy?"


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Happy birthday, Mina!

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