Monday, November 19, 2012

Car Intruders at Fossil Rim

Last year, my husband and I took a drive through Fossil Rim, which is basically an area filled with wild-life that you can look at and feed. You're not supposed to touch them, but sometimes they make it a little difficult not to... One deer in particular was quite the amorous soul. My Honda still sports scratches from his antlers, but that's okay. It gives my car character!

Here's Mr. Lover Boy closing in on my husband.

Drew couldn't get away!
You can't see me in the back seat, but I was rolling.

I finally tried to distract the deer.
Look at him scraping the side of my car to leave a lasting mark!
What a sweetie!

Mr. Zebra got jealous and had to see what was up.
This was not taken with a fish-eye lens by the way.

*Sniff, sniff, nibble nibble* Hondas taste good!

Say "Cheese"!

Click -->here<-- to check out Fossil Rim for yourselves!

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