Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Month Begins

October has always been the birthday month in my life because so many of my near and dear ones (including yours truly) have a birthday this month: my mother, my father, my aunt, my best friend's baby, my dog, my father-in-law, and my little brother. Today kicked off the string of celebrations with my baby bro Caleb! I got him a nifty little monkey vegetable peeler since he's getting all into shape now with his new diet and work-out regimen with his ex-Marine, hard-core trainer. (He's already lost 30 lbs! I'm so proud!)

Caleb, or "Puddums," as I like to call him, is 4 years my junior. I remember when our family first adopted him (yes, he was adopted! Kudos to adoption supporters!). I used to creep into his room and steal him out of his crib and play with him like a little, funny doll. He has always been so cheerful, constantly smiling, just generally high on life. He used to get in trouble at dinner time for being a goofball like dramatically opening his mouth to show me his chewed-up food. I would crack up laughing, and our dad would threaten us. Then Caleb would get that look in his eye like he was going to do it again...Dad would warn him not to...and Caleb would do it anyway. I'd roll over laughing, and Caleb would be taken to the back room to get a spanking.

Even to this day, when we get together, he switches into "clown mode," and I switch into "getting-ready-to-be-entertained-and-laugh-hard mode." It's as if no time has passed, and we revert back to those fun-loving kids we were growing up.

Happy Birthday, Caleb! Here's to many more in the future!

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