Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Take a Visual Soul Trip

You are a soul.
You animate the body you live in, and when that body dies, you will go on, back where you came from.

You're here for such a short while in the grand, "big picture" of things.
Why do you worry about all the trivial matters?
Will what you're worried about today mean anything a year from now? Five years? Ten?

So why are you here? You're here to learn a universal lesson or two. You're here to grow as a soul. You're also here to explore. You're here to live, not just exist. You're here to thrive. You're here to love.

Only the soul lives on. The soul leaves marks here, in the form of art, which might last through several ages. But you, the soul that you are, you are the only thing about you that will last an eternity.

So let go, watch this little gem of a video I found, and take a little trip. Let it remind you not to concern yourself with the rat race that you might be freaking out about today...

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