Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Rain, Gene, and Frank

Why is it that the rain makes some of us artistic types start flowing with those mind-wandering juices?

Another rainy day with steel-gray skies, sopping wet, squishy ground, and I find myself wanting to dance to some crooners.

A particular song comes to mind. It's maybe a little expected and cheezy for days like this, but "Singin' in the Rain" is one of my favorite movie moments of the 50's and pretty much all time. I am currently watching the uber-charming Mr. Gene Kelly (may his sweet, charming, handsome soul rest in peace). Here's the iconic video where he dances like a loon right after gazing in a love-struck haze into Carrie Fisher's Mom's eyes (that's Debbie Reynolds, of course).

Gene wasn't as much known for his singing as he was for his dancing and choreography. Someone who *was* known more for his singing, however, is the smooth-voiced Mr. Frank Sinatra. Another perfect song for a rainy day (or sunny, cloudy, snowy, or tornado day that makes you want to tickle your ears with some fab fifties crooning) is "All The Way," a song that was recorded by tonsbunches of pop singers from that era. "Who knows where the road will lead us...only a fool would say..."

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