Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey, World

Hey there, Bloggerverse.

I'm trying something new, something fresh, something real. Had a few earlier incarnations of this thing called "blog," but that was just toying around, just playing with the format, just "finding my way," so I knew what to do when the real me decided to shine through.

And that time is now! *trumpets sound*

Pretty soon, I'll have some fantabulous reading material for all of y'all, not only in the form of very eclectic, very ME blog posts, but also some published fiction to flirt with your fanciful imaginations. The angels are coming. Can't wait! ;)

If nobody else reads this blog, it won't be too much of a bummer because I've come into my own lately. I'm writing this shit for myself. Anyone who comes along for the ride is welcome and appreciated, but just know you're getting something genuine, something non-commerical, something soulful.

If you can dig it, stay and play.

Talk again soon... ;)



    cool cj i am with you and you have come into your own.

    love hearing from you.

    1. Heeey! *hugs* You have a site! That's great! I may have to let you do a reading for me sometime.