Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Circa 1953

My mother is an identical twin. That's her to the left (or is it to the right??). This picture was taken before she and my aunt developed their separate likes and styles, which would serve as identifiers to tell them apart later in life.

No matter what they've done separately, however, they have always had an uncanny connection. For instance, when Auntie and my mother were in their 40's and lived in separate states, they still somehow managed to buy the same kind of key-chain for their keys that same year!

I can tell them apart by their voices, but only after some practice. Whenever they spend time together, they like to call me and see if I can identify who's talking. It's the tiny little quirks in each of their voice patterns that make them unique. Only someone who knows them very well could sense the difference. When they were infants, my grandmother had to put a spot of fingernail polish on their feet to tell them apart!

Twins must have separate souls, but they still share something very special that other siblings don't. I love both my mother and Auntie for being their own, unique selves, and also for being so much like halves to a whole.

I'm supposedly in line to have twins, myself, so if I choose to bear children, I may get my own precious set of identical babies. Good thing I have lots of fingernail polish on hand...

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